The Odyssey

by Acrasia

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released September 19, 2014

All music written and produced by Acrasia.

Guitars & Bass tracking by Parallel Recording.
Vocals & Drum tracking by Declan White

Mixed & Mastered by Declan White.



all rights reserved


Acrasia Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Chapter I: Revelations
You think you fathom what's around you?
It's not how it seems

There is more to life than what we have been programmed to consume
I have woken up
There is more than this misogynistic slavery
I won't rest until we all have found the truth
I won't be doomed to this monotonous ending
I won't be drowned with you

Athena, my god, hear me now!
I'm reaching out for dreams unknown
Can we find the reason why we are in this world of trials?

Are we strangers in this place?
Searching for a man unknown?
Can we find the reason why we are in this world of trials?

I live between hope and despair
I pray that my dreams take me there
A place that the dark doesn't touch
I can't justify being just anymore

"Few sons are equal of their fathers; most fall short, all too few surpass them
But you, brave and adept from this day on,
Odysseus' cunning has hardly given out in you - there's hope that you will reach your goal."

I won't live a lie
It's time to survive

You won't find me here
Searching for all that's near
The wind, it howls my name
Oh no, we're not the same
I'm not the one to blame

I will feel everything
Track Name: Chapter II: The Paradigm Shift
Time ticks by, and yet we still try
To fuel a world in which we swallow indifference
Time ticks by, and yet I still cry
For all the souls that won't strive just to shape their fate

I'm struggling to find a reason to continue taking breath
(Don't look outside, the world's on fire)
A decade spent in grim confinement has me wondering what is left for me
(Don't look outside, the world's on fire)

I've got the eyes of the gods
The same ones who sold us greed for heart
You want to know how it ends?
We all die alone
So disrobe
And feel the chill of the earth beneath your feet

Say something now
I'm regretting and falling
But I know how the chorus goes
It's silent now
Even though there's so much to say
You willingly run away

I'll build a bed where we can lay all our cares to rest
I'll lay the foundation so hope can follow it
And I won't throw aside all that has caused us to grieve
I'll lock it inside of me
Track Name: Chapter III: The Retaliation
With my eyes wide shut
I can't help but vex everyone around me
And though I try and I try
I still get caught in my lies
We're digging our own grave

When will I work out a way to try transcend yesterday?
Just learn to love
Just learn to love
Who'll be the one lonely voice to try and start this rejoice?
Just learn to love
Just learn to love and rise above
Track Name: Chapter IV: Perseverance (ft. Daniel Breen & William Jarratt)
I question myself again
Sincerity has reared its ugly head
Panic sets in, I can't escape those words I said

These doubts are paralysing
My mind's devoid of rational thinking
It's hard to seize the day when my own nightmare never ends

Am I invisible again?
They don't listen to anything I say
'Cos these words are just words that just hurt and just turn you against this dying world

Don the white gloves of sympathy
Let your scalpel rescue me
Cut my demons out
And turn me into someone else

Someone who doesn't strike his feet
Who doesn't fuck up everything
These honest eyes are tired
Athena, where did I go wrong?

Fear not, child, for you've got heart
You'll find your way in time, look north
There's beauty laced in all you see
Just open your eyes and you’ll be free

Every time you find it hard to stand
Look above, you'll find an open hand
They say that life's a constant grind of try
But joy appears with your friends by your side

The reaper's beating down my doorstep
But I refuse to let him win
I'll wage this war on myself daily
I'll find the strength to love my sins

You've got to stop burning bridges
(I'm only being me)
Don't disaffect the ones that care
(But that's all I do)
Just be yourself and lights will guide you home
All will fall before your sword
(It's so damn hard to try)

I courted life but she won't reply
Track Name: Chapter V: Return To Ithaca
My heart is a harbour for sorrow
I'm better off misled
The waves of nostalgia
They fill up the empty voids that lay about my head
I could shrug it off
But voices still remain
The faces I love, I can hear them
They're calling out my name

Time is a deceitful bitch that slipped her way around my gaze
My head is worn out and my heart yearns for its home
And though these feet are bruised
I'm the one that used you for my personal gain
And now my world is faded
There's no place for me to call my own

Am I just a stranger?
Pride has become my foe
Will I fall?

All my patience has worn thin
I'm in over my head
Should I just commit this sin?
I just wanted it all
But there's no one to break my fall
And I fall a lot

As she slithers past I ask myself "Is this where I should be?"
"Where do I belong? Am I just chasing this dream blindly?"
I long to run away
Far from my mistakes
Far from all my vanity
To a place I know
A place where all my flaws won't be held against me

I hear my name in riddles
They say "It's time to come home"
"You've done more than you know"
And yet still I choke on tears of dreams unknown
Track Name: Chapter VI: The Slaying Of The Suitors
The years, they tick over
Been wandering forever
We've come to claim what's ours to claim
Though they scorn us moreover

Gaze upon these blood-stained hands
For we have stood the test of time
The air is death, but the taste of your blood is so sublime

When all is said and done
You're just a poor imitation
And though the snakes emerge
We'll be the kings they remember

Bite your tongue!
Did you really think I'd let you take what's mine?

Your kiss turned to cancer
Our love cashed for silver
You want the prize? You'd better quit the lies
We're far too brave to surrender

Pride comes before a fall
The writing's on the wall
You've said your piece but you won't get away

If actions speak louder than words
Then why can't we be heard?
Your day of judgement has arrived

You're only fuelling this fire

And when you're bruised and broken I hope you think of us

Think about us when you want

We will stand tall
We will triumph
Track Name: Chapter VII: Epilogue
We're all born with the same potential
Laying dormant beneath our skin
Yet some of us don't go on
To grow skin we're comfortable in

And we're told not to care
We're mocked when we feel
Just for having the depth to see what is real
We grow tired of living
Weary of loving
And pray that death comes swift to make a deal

But I won't be swayed by the world
And forced to disconnect in despair
I'll suck the poison out of every heart
That dares to show they care

For I know we are grateful
I know we are kind
United, I know we'll be fine
And if it takes until my last breath to slay these demons that plague us
I'll die knowing I tried

So I took my bow and bent it effortlessly
Drilled my axe heads clean
I fired upon them
And I killed my foes

I tore them limb from limb